Friday, September 2 2011

Getting Ready to Launch

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By mid-September I will be officially launching my new company, Pretty to Boot!!!! As I am putting the finishing touches on the big LAUNCH, (the website, the shop, the products) I wanted to share a few details about what is coming.

FIRST, I LOVE our products. They are being produced right now by a local manufacturing company (as in USA!!!!!). The owner of the company is completely dedicated to quality and took my pattern/design to a whole new level. SECOND, Pretty to Boot is not just about the products, but also about inspiring girls of all ages. Our packaging and our blog are intended to offer encouragement, mentoring, creativity, and inspiration to all girls (no matter what age). THIRD, this business is truly a family affair. My girls are integral in helping me choose the designs, my mom has been a huge part of developing and sewing our patterns, and my husband is helping me to manage everything (especially at home).

When I look back on 2011, I will remember that in February, my daughter and I came up with an idea and by September we were launching that idea to the world. What has happened in between February and September to make the launch happen would be enough content for a book…certainly a book I wish I had been able to read when I started this process. It has been a time of working both hard and long. And mostly it has been one of the greatest journeys of my career so far.

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Monday, August 15 2011

Sneak Peek – Pretty to Boot

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We just got a booth at the ABC kids expo next month….and….they juried my work….and….they put it into Modern Child (funky, fun, new product section)….and….I just finished designing the fall line….and…I’m excited…so very, very excited!

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