Wednesday, February 8 2012

Embracing the Whispers

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The inspirational whispers have been there for a long time…milling around, working to get my attention and my time. They are telling me, “go for it”, “make a difference”, “there is a need for your idea…don’t hesitate”. The other whispers are there too…the self doubt that asks, “who do you think you are”?, “what makes you an expert”? And then there are those lovely FEAR whispers, the ones that entice me to worry about what people think about me, my skills and capabilities, and my ideas.

I have been on a journey to better embrace the inspirational whispers and to learn how to quiet the “self-doubt and fear”. I have found that the best way to sort those thoughts is to create an action plan, to do SOMETHING tangible toward the idea.

I love the saying that goes “There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other.” (Douglas Everett).

As I am flushing through, dreaming, and creating what the P.E.G. program will be, I have challenged myself to DO SOMETHING about it along the way, to turn my dream into a reality.

This past weekend was an important step in my dream. I held my first creative workshop. A class that I dreamed up, prepared for, marketed, and taught. It was a small step but an important piece of the future of P.E.G.

It is a funny thing too, ACTION gives you real lessons for dreams. Without ACTION, how else can one find answers to some of those self doubt and fear thoughts. If you don’t do something about the inspiration, you will never know (it will only stay in your head and heart).

This weekend taught me so many valuable lessons. Mostly, that I am supposed to be doing something with this dream of mine. The DREAM that keeps the whispers of inspiration streaming through my head and now the one that has enticed me to take ACTION.

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Saturday, February 4 2012

In Flight

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Spending the weekend working on a dream. I feel like I am flying right now.

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Thursday, February 2 2012


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I am feeling incredibly motivated to make a difference in young women’s lives. When I started Pretty.Extraordinary.Girl (PEG) a few months ago, I was thinking in smaller terms than I am right now. Initially, the program included incorporating positive messaging for girls in retail packaging and telling stories about pretty extraordinary girls on my company website.  Wanting to incorporate creativity into the program, I developed a class curriculum that would incorporate both art and self-awareness/self esteem education.  The initial response has been very positive to the program which has motivated to go even further.

There is a need to help build girl’s self-esteem by focusing on creativity and character. In an effort to act on my ideas, I have put together a few programs with a relatively small impact for my overall mission. What I haven’t done yet is to really step back and plan for the big picture.

I am motivated to place my full focus on the “WHY” I am motivated to do build this program and to develop something big.  I am sorting it all out right now with the help from Hello Soul, Hello Business. As I piece together my thoughts, ideas, and plans, I am feeling exhilarated by the possibilities.

More info:

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In two days I am offering my first creative class through the Pretty.Extraordinary.Girl. program “An Artful Journal Journey All About YOU” and I am asking my students to pick a word that defines one part of their character and then to write a story about how that character trait relates to them. The piece above is from my demonstration journal for the class.

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