Thursday, October 17 2013

Teaching at Lucky Star Art Camp

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When was the last time you stepped out of your box and did something you hoped would ignite your inner fire, help you grow, change you? Perhaps it was something you dreamed of doing and then followed through by hitting the send button, making the call, signing up, doing the work…crossing a new bridge. Last week I became an Art Camp Workshop Teacher and Keynote Speaker at Lucky Star Art Camp. Working in those roles is something I have wanted to do for over eight years. It was an experience that was driven by my passion to help people achieve their dreams in a creative way. I am humbled by the stories and the honesty that was given to be me by my beautiful and gifted students. They have inspired me to do more with my dreams, to digger deeper myself, and to work harder to give more. Since I have returned I have already begun planning for taking “Dreambook” bigger. It is a way to keep my passion alive and to help more people with their dreams. I am grateful. I am humbled. I am inspired.


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Wednesday, August 15 2012


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The assignment was clear.

¬†“I want you to take photos of our family before he deploys at the end of August. I need you to take a picture with him and each of his girls to keep in their rooms while he is gone.”

I was honored and humbled to be asked. I understood the importance and the meaning for these photos and I needed to dig deep to keep it together emotionally while preparing for and photographing this family.

It is the most important work I have ever done with a camera in my hand.

The session was amazing and I tried to make it fun even though it was hard to contain the lump in my throat with every picture I snapped. My job on that day was to stay in the moment, let them do what they do naturally, and keep the camera clicking.

When I left the session I knew what I had on my card. I knew the photos were as they should be; images that conveyed the love, support, and bravery that every member in the family has toward each other and for our country. I was overwhelmed by each one of them. So much so that I cried on the way home. I cried while editing. I cried when pushing “send” on their gallery and I cried when they called me to tell me how much they loved the pictures.

I am humbled by this family and their bravery…his bravery.

They inspire me to be stronger and more brave in my own life. I will never forget the experience.

A special thank you to my CATSH Photography partner Catherine for being an awesome 2nd photographer that day.

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Friday, May 4 2012

Summer Wishes

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I found this darling necklace at one of my favorite little shops…got me Wishin’


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