Friday, November 23 2012


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I give thanks for…

  • Freedom
  • Creativity
  • The ability to work hard and be rewarded
  • Seeing life as an adventure
  • Believing the glass is half full
  • Giving myself time to THINK
  • A forgiving nature
  • Working in jobs that aspire to make a difference
  • Happy children
  • Close family
  • Gifted and creative friends
  • A home that people like to visit
  • Open hearts and open minds
  • Belly laughs
  • Travel with my children


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  • Wednesday, March 21 2012

    Hello Spring, Hello Garden

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    It has been an unusually warm winter and a very early blooming spring here in Maryland. Each morning looking out my bedroom windows I see the awakening of the winter slumber. The warm air and early bloom has tempted us into planting pieces of our garden this weekend (a full 4-6 weeks earlier than usual). We’ll start with lettuce, herbs, onions and potatoes. If all goes well, we will add to that in the upcoming weeks. I am looking forward to eating from the garden. It is a most satisfying feeling to go from garden to table…especially on my new “veganish” mission.

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