Saturday, October 26 2013

Self Portraiture

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Two weeks ago I did something I thought I would never do …I took a self portrait class.  For years, I have maintained that I am best behind a camera.  I feel most comfortable trying to capture other people they way they really are. Other than taking the occasional “selfie” for fun, I never quite understood why I would want to or even like taking self portraits. With that said, I am a great admirer of beautiful self portraiture and some of my all time favorite fine art photographers spend years telling their stories through this medium.

One of my favorite self portrait photographers is Vivienne McMaster. Not only is she an excellent photographer but she is spreading an amazing message through her work and her classes of “self love”. When I found out that I would have an opportunity to take a class with her, I knew that this might be my only chance and I had to take it.  I was very nervous…up to the very minute I walked into the class.  

After taking this class, I feel totally different about self portraiture and about myself.  The process has made me face some things about my self that I really want to change…not on the outside, but on the inside.  

Here is what I personally learned…I will never be as young as I am today.  I will never look exactly like I did today. I want my daughters to see me embracing who I am, flaws and all.  I want to tell my story through my work and pictures.  I want to be present.    

If you enjoy photography of any kind, I highly recommend this Be Your Own Beloved.

 Below are a few samples of the work I did over the past two weeks.  I love love love how imperfect the pictures are.  That has been one of the best realizations of all.  











Some of my favorite self portrait photographers are:

Cig Harvey
Anna Gay

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Sunday, October 20 2013

Being at Lucky Star Art Camp

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Thursday, February 21 2013


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one of a kind2

That is how I feel right now!    From October 9-13, 2013 I will be teaching at LUCKY STAR ART CAMP. Lucky Star is a sleepaway camp for women being held in the hill country of Texas. More than just an art retreat, this camp is designed to inspire connection, creativity, and whole living values. Just wait until you see the variety of class offerings being rolled out tomorrow!

The best way to find out the most up-to-date information about Lucky Star is to subscribe to the Lucky Star Newsletter (click on the image below and follow the link for the newsletter). Also, just by signing up for the newsletter, you are entered into a drawing for FREE TUITION to the camp!

I have been going to creative retreats for most of my adult life, and I can tell you that treating yourself in this way is one of the most fun, fulfilling, out of the box, meet cool people, make cool things, experiences you can give yourself.

Lucky Star is going to be special and worth every effort to get there!

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