Wednesday, August 15 2012

Photography Idol

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Chic Critique is hosting a “Photography Idol” contest over the next month.

The first part of the contest includes submitting a photo for critique that demonstrates image quality and memorable impact. This photo is from a recent session I did for a family whose father is being deployed to Afghanistan at the end of this month. I was asked by my client to convey their family story and to photography each of the three daughters with their dad. This photograph is of the oldest daughter in the family with her Dad.


To learn more about the contest, you can visit their website HERE. 

To see more photographs from this series you can visit my BRAVE blog post.

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Tuesday, January 10 2012

Camera + Flash = ???

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90% of my photography is done sans flash.  No external lighting needed when you have this kind of light…the kind that streams through the windows and perfectly lights a face.

I have always shied away from external/flash lighting in my work.  I don’t know why except that I truly love natural light photography.  I am ready though…ready to grow in my art and to learn something new. Tomorrow I am taking a 10 hour speedlite/flash course in Washington DC. I am excited and tentative all at the same time.  I’ll post my speedlite photos on Thursday when I return with my new skill. But for today, I really enjoyed taking a picture of my daughter with light pouring through the window, no flash needed.




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