Wednesday, March 21 2012

Hello Spring, Hello Garden

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It has been an unusually warm winter and a very early blooming spring here in Maryland. Each morning looking out my bedroom windows I see the awakening of the winter slumber. The warm air and early bloom has tempted us into planting pieces of our garden this weekend (a full 4-6 weeks earlier than usual). We’ll start with lettuce, herbs, onions and potatoes. If all goes well, we will add to that in the upcoming weeks. I am looking forward to eating from the garden. It is a most satisfying feeling to go from garden to table…especially on my new “veganish” mission.

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Friday, March 16 2012

Happy Week

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Enjoy your weekend!

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Thursday, March 15 2012

Dear Daughter,

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In less than two weeks we will be in Dublin, Ireland trying to acclimate to no sleep and a new time zone. I know how fast these weeks will fly by and I want to spend a few minutes writing about how very proud I am of you. Going to a world championship for Irish Dance is an extraordinary feat. It is one that takes sacrifices, endurance, and will. The training is both time consuming and arduous and can sometimes even leave you with aches and pains that are well beyond what most eleven year olds experience.

What I will remember the most about these four months is how very dedicated you have been. How every Saturday morning at 6:30 you awoke and enthusiastically got dressed and ready for a three hour practice. I will recall you keeping a journal of every note a teacher has given and how you have worked and worked and worked to master each point. I will remember you “hand dancing” your steps in the car on the way to practice/class so that you felt ready when you arrived at the studio. I will also remember that in the midst of the 10+ hours of practice per week you always brought a big smile and a fun attitude to the group, often leaving all of us hysterically laughing and pondering how in the midst of something so hard, you can so easily create a “sparkle” moment. I have watched you mature and begin to understand and embrace that this is YOUR JOURNEY to tackle, and that YOU are responsible for your work and your improvement. I have watched you LOVE your journey this time around, never wanting to give up, leave early, or take the easy road.

The most precious thing to me about the past four months is how VERY CLOSE you and I have become. We are a team and have found a way to respect one another for what we each bring to this experience. Even though I have been your coach, you have taught me so much more that I have taught you and I want you to know that I have loved every week, hour, and minute that we have spent together working on your dream. My heart is filled and overflowing with pride for you.

As you work on the final polish these next two weeks, be confident in the fact that you have given this experience 100%. You have held back nothing and have gained much. For that you are a better person and have already received the biggest reward/award possible!

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