Wednesday, August 24 2011

Savoring Braids

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I can look at her one minute and still see my little girl. The one who loves stuffed animals, the art table, and “Mommy”. Blink. I also see a young lady. One who doesn’t want to sit at the kids table anymore and who loves to be part of the adult conversation. A young lady who rarely lets “Mommy” slip from her lips (mostly “Mom”), and one who is ready to take on a new chapter; middle school. I am savoring braids and stuffed animals for now. I know they will fade too quickly.

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Tuesday, August 23 2011


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Harvesting the fruit from our labor in the garden is such a timely example of how dreaming big, planning long, and working hard can lead to something great. It serves a reminder right now (as I am working 14 hour days, staying in my pj’s, not tending to the piles of laundry) that at some point in this journey there will be a harvest. A harvest that can change my family’s life experience. A harvest that will teach my daughters so many lessons I want to share with them before they leave for college. A harvest that culminates dreams I have had for over a decade. And like this basket of heirloom tomatoes picked fresh from our garden, I think it will be so very worth the effort.

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Monday, August 15 2011

Sneak Peek – Pretty to Boot

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We just got a booth at the ABC kids expo next month….and….they juried my work….and….they put it into Modern Child (funky, fun, new product section)….and….I just finished designing the fall line….and…I’m excited…so very, very excited!

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